We look for unique opportunities in the markets we know – renewable fuels-based energy assets with a particular focus on biomass, biogas sectors throughout the US and abroad. For these projects to be successful, they require a deep understanding and fluency in the 4 critical elements of a renewable fuels project. We bring decades of experience to bear on the proper structure of each deal.
Each Project Development Framework is comprised of a 4-Legged Stool:

  1. You must secure a Feedstock of Biogas; LFG, Ag Digester, WWTP. If you can’t ensure a proper, economically significant source of feedstock the project has no hope of succeeding.

  2. The next leg of the stool requires engineering expertise in both offtake & interconnection of Inbound/Outbound Power, Gas Pipelines/Injection Stations, Regulatory Approvals. We have deep experience in all these types. This enables us to set the industry standard on the all-important uptime for our projects.

  3. Often overlooked by some in its importance; Permitting: Site Zoning/Land Use, Air & Solid Waste, Construction & Operations of all aspects of a project must be scrupulously adhered to so nasty surprises and delays don’t eliminate the profits of a deal.

  4. The 4th leg is Structured Financing, including Development Capital, Primary and Fractional Equity, Senior Debt, Subordinate Debt. Our industry specific expertise in all aspects of deal financing in this arena, and our engineering expertise, give us the confidence to invest our own capital alongside any and all stakeholders in a project. In terms of project capital structures, we utilize internal equity capital, access 3rd party equity from established investors in the renewables industry, and utilize project debt financing from lending partners with deep experience in the sector. We expect our projects to achieve both strong financial returns and “institutional value” during their ownership cycle.

Opportunity Identification

Evensol’s principals have each been in this industry for over 30 years; we have seen a wide variety of projects and deals. But most importantly, we know the people in the industry, they know us, and they trust us. Our track record of fair dealing and fair valuations has made us a trusted partner in the RNG biogas and Renewable Power world. Through honesty and hard work, we have built this trust in the industry into a sustainable business.

Design and development

Our Contracted Partnership with ESI provides insights on how to value a deal and the expertise to physically build and manage any biogas project investment.

Our affiliate, Energyneering Solutions, has been in the business since 2007. They have specialized in design, construction, and operations for biogas utilization projects that collectively produce over 1 million MWh of renewable electricity and over 50 million gallons of renewable vehicle fuel per year.

Expertise in Engineering & Design is the foundational core of ESI. Their engineering team has been integral in the engineering design of over 75 diverse biogas projects including renewable natural gas facilities, biogas-to-energy facilities, landfill gas collection and control projects, anaerobic digester projects, heat recovery/CHP projects, flare stations, and numerous other biogas and renewable fuels projects in the US, and abroad.

ESI serves as the design engineer, constructor, and operator for all of Evensol’s project investments, and has served as the primary/lead engineer for the projects listed above, providing services that include: process, mechanical, electrical, and controls engineering. Their team of professional engineers is licensed in over 30 states and has proven its ability on projects nationwide and internationally. ESI’s engineers use the latest in design technology to give clients high-quality, detailed designs while assuring that each client’s specific needs and requests are met.

Our reliance on Energyneering’s expertise translates to confidence in investing both our own and our partners capital in Evensol’s projects.


Teaming with ESI, Evensol manages the construction of its renewable biogas projects. Our expertise in Construction Management and Oversight for biogas projects, with over 50 completed projects (greenfield, expansions, re-powering, and retro-fits), the Evensol/ESI team of project managers and construction support staff has shown its ability to complete projects on schedule, and within budget. We are well experienced in multiple facets of construction management including construction contract development and management, general contracting, equipment procurement, permitting, budgeting, scheduling, engineering oversight, and startup services.

ESI/Evensol have served clients in a variety of roles for construction management including full EPC Contractor Services (engineering, procurement, and construction), Owner’s Engineer, Construction Engineering Oversight, and Facility Commissioning services. ESI is a licensed General Contractor with a commitment to safety. Their experienced construction team includes project managers, licensed contractors, licensed electricians, certified welders, heavy equipment operators, mechanical fabricators, and startup specialists.

Predictive Project Management

The Evensol/ESI Team can provide integrated financial and on-site project management. Through best-in-class remote monitoring capabilities, ESI assures that key project operating parameters are measured and analyzed, and diagnostic steps are taken “in advance” of project shut-downs. This “predictive project management” is one of the hallmark’s of the ESI’s Operations Group.