EVENSOL was founded in 2013, with a dedicated mission of acquisition and development of renewable biogas project assets. Because of our expertise and experience, we are well-equipped to value, acquire and/or develop an opportunity into a revenue-producing asset at a rational price.

Company Values

Through honesty and transparency, fair dealing and attention to detail, we work to improve our environment and do well for our stakeholders and investors. We treat every project as if we will own it forever; that’s how we create institutional value for our partners, investors, lenders. . Successful renewable biogas project development is about knowing what elements of the deal to work on, and in what order. Understanding those priorities might be the most important differentiator in our industry. It allows us to see the ultimate value of a project more quickly, translating to more valuable assets, and fewer “troubled” projects.

We know that doing our little bit of good, one small bit at a time through each project, is a privilege. Make no mistake, we don’t do this as a charity, we have learned how to achieve a healthy return on investment in our business, but to know there is a return for the environment also drives us every day.

Mission Statement

EVENSOL LLC was established to create value for its partners, investors, and project counter parties through the selective acquisition and development of renewable fuels-based energy assets, with particular focus on the biomass, biogas sectors throughout the US and abroad.


Through our strategic relationship with Energyneering Solutions, Inc. (“ESI”), Evensol has the capabilities to value, structure, design, construct, manage and operate renewable biogas projects through their entire development and ownership cycle. This partnership delivers exceptional value for our stakeholders every step of the way. When we value a project, we draw our conclusions from a combined 60 years of real world experience. And when we structure a deal, our contracts and agreements are based on dozens of actual biogas projects that have been developed, built, and acquired.