Building long-term value and a better future through RNG & Biogas investment

This is not our first rodeo.

Over 50 years of combined Design, Development, Construction & Operations experience has taught us what makes a high-quality project We have formulated, standardized, and implemented the development process for successful biogas projects, no matter what the feedstock (Landfill Gas, Agricultural Digester Gas, Waste Water Treatment Plant Gas), and what renewable product they produce (Renewable Natural Gas, Renewable Power, Renewable CHP). Knowing the right steps in the process - in the right order - is the difference between profitable projects and problem projects.
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We don’t guess.

We get more done, with less people, cost, & time
Every renewable biogas project that we develop or acquire teaches us something new which we incorporate into our project development template, putting that knowledge to productive use. Our Investors benefit from this accumulated knowledge; every time we engage on a project. That’s how we get better results utilizing fewer resources.
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Experience & Reputation is Everything!

When you partner with Evensol, you benefit from our deep and diverse experience, and our well-earned reputation in the biogas project industry. We are known for meeting budgets, staying on schedule, and keeping our word. We know what’s important to waste management, agricultural and municipal project stakeholders, and we anticipate those needs in order to get deals done, and projects built efficiently and running smoothly.
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Our unique foundation

Successful Project Development requires the right blend of technical and commercial talent and experience. We have a foundation built on both design-engineering, and structured project finance. This allows us to efficiently and accurately gauge the cost, schedule, and risks to value a project. It also supports our fully integrated development platform - from initial due diligence to project start-up and operation. We are uniquely equipped to see a project through to its completion without relying on 3rd parties.